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Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds You Should Consider Owning

expensive dog breed

You don’t get to choose your friends in life unless they’re furry and they walk on four legs. But as we are about to find out, a man’s best friend isn’t cheap, and people often end up paying an awful lot of money for the prospect of a furry friend.

In some cases, people can pay several thousands for a pup, depending on the breed, location, and the overall market value of the dog at a specific time. It is strange, yes, to talk about a creature that provides its unconditional love and loyalty like some sort of retail product, but dog breeding is an industry like any other after all. This being said, how much exactly do people spend on expensive breeds?

10. Irish Wolfhound, $1,500 – $2,000

The Irish Wolfhound is known throughout the world for its endurance and athleticism. To some, paying two thousand dollars for a pup might seem a bit off, but considering the dog’s pedigree, it seems about right. Irish Wolfhounds are also very tall as far as dogs go, and they are known for having a commanding appearance. Most of the people who acquire Irish Wolfhounds are usually advised by the breeders who sell them to allow the dogs free roaming around the house.

9. Saluki, $2500

Salukis are hunters at their core, and they have been used as hounds for ages because of this very reason. Despite their graceful appearance, Salukis are actually pretty muscular. They possess an impressive strength and an even more impressive endurance.

They are also used as show dogs by some people, which is understandable considering how beautiful they look. Still, some people might have a problem with paying more than two thousand dollars for a dog, no matter how elegant it is.

8. Pharaoh Hound, $2,500 – $6,500

As the name suggests, the Pharaoh Hound adds a bit of royalty to dog ownership. This beautiful dog is among the most quick and powerful breeds in existence. The Pharaoh Hound are also incredibly obedient and eager to please, traits that make them ideal for lure coursing. Furthermore, the Pharaoh Hound’s nose and ears ‘blush’ when the dog is happy, a unique characteristic among dogs. People should also take into account just how powerful these dogs are before getting one.

7. Akita, $1,500 – $7,500

Akitas are among the most beautiful dogs in the world, which explains why they’re so spread out throughout the world. Originally from Japan, Akitas can now be found in almost any country as show dogs or therapy dogs depending on the owners. Their personality is courageous yet composed, making them perfect for people who are looking for a companion that isn’t easily distracted. Akitas are also pretty powerful despite not having the most imposing of statures.

6. Tibetan Mastiff, $2,200 – $8,000

As beautiful as they may look, Tibetan Mastiffs are actually very difficult dogs to have around. Due to their massive size and noble bearing, these dogs are very reluctant to socialize with other dogs and even people. Their double coat, however, makes them perfect for households in the northern hemisphere, and cold surroundings in general. The price for such an imposing dog may seem a bit steep, but the type of people who know what they’re getting themselves into won’t mind.

5. Rottweiler, $2,000 – $8,500

Rottweilers are among the most intelligent, patient, talented, and powerful breeds of dogs out there. The fact that Rottweilers are often used as police dogs should prove this point entirely. Furthermore, Rottweilers are very protective and confident, making them perfect for families with small children. Over time, Rottweilers have been used as service dogs, herders, and therapy dogs among other equally demanding roles. The price might be a bit high for a Rottweiler pup, but these dogs are worth every penny.

4. Lowchen, $5,000 – $9,000

This small and restless dog is perfect for people who share the dog’s joyful nature. The name Lowchen means ‘little lion’ in German, a fitting name for a breed of dog who’s owners often trim the dog’s mane in the shape similar to that of a lion. This being said, there aren’t enough attributes to recommend it to a mixed audience, as most of the people who acquire a Lowchen know exactly what they’re doing.

3. Chow Chow, $3,000 – $9,500

In the old days, Chow Chow dogs were used as working dogs because of their massive strength. Nowadays, most of them are show dogs, which might have something to do not only with the dog’s appearance, but also with the price of such a pup. As you might imagine, Chow Chow dogs are extremely cold-resistant, making them perfect companions for people who live in a cold climate. They’re also pretty obedient as far as rare breeds go, which explains why they’re mostly used as show dogs.

2. English Bulldog, $2,500 – $10,000

Bulldogs are some of the most gentle dogs out there, and every time they end up hurting their owners or other people is because of how oblivious these dogs are when it comes to their size. At a first glance, Bulldogs look rather scary to some extent, but as any dog breeder / trainer would tell you, it is all a matter of appearances. The Bulldog’s popularity is constantly raising, and with it, the breed’s price. Did you know, for example, that Bulldogs are among the five most popular dogs in the United States?

1. Samoyed, $4,000 – $11,000

Samoyed dogs are the epitome of herding dogs, not only in terms of behavior, but also as physical characteristics. You see, Samoyeds are perfect at pulling weights, making them perfect for sledding and other physical activities. Despite its unquestionable traits, the number one reason why a Samoyed is so expensive is because of its looks. You see, entirely white dogs are a rarity, and some people are willing to pay top dollar for a Samoyed pup.